Food for thought… a collection of Gospel illustrations from my dog.

One day, as I was folding laundry, my dog sat near me and leaned on me. “Aw, it’s so sweet when you lean on me,” I said. I’m sure God likes it too when we lean on Him.

When I am afraid to get up and start the day, my dog helps me know I have a smiling friend and wagging tail to greet me. Since Jesus died for me, it’s not too far fetched to think He’s probably excited to greet me too.

When I am grumpy, the love of the dog breaks through my meanness and those puppy eyes make me utter “good girl”. If a puppy can make me nice, I’m pretty sure God’s love can break through my hard heart.

When I feel ashamed, the love of my dog holds no condemnation and licks me despite my muddy paws. I’m pretty sure that’s how grace works.

When my heart is too proud to serve, the love for my dog makes me pick up poo every day – which is kind of warming on cold winter days. Jesus served us on the cross and picked up our sin which is much worse than poo and not warming at all – now that doesn’t make sense for a King!