A journey on the golf course is often analogous to the journey of life. These golf-minded devotionals are part of LinksPlayers‘ devotional ministry, which I was blessed to be a part of for three years.

A Beautiful Embroidery

‘Carry Them Forever’

10/22/2015 Eclipses

  Jesus, Our God

8/20/2015 Jesus, Our Brother

7/23/2015 Jesus, Our Freedom

6/18/2015 Jesus, Our Honor

 5/21/2015 Jesus, Our Reward

4/23/2015  Jesus, Our Everything

3/19/2015  Jesus, Our Shelter

2/19/2015  Jesus, the Unchangeable One

1/22/2015  Jesus, Our Shepherd

12/22/2014  Jesus, the Gift of God

11/18/2014  Simple Complexity

10/21/2014  Jesus Makes Perfect

9/24/2014  Unity Barks

8/26/2014  Jesus, the Storyteller

7/28/2014  Jesus, the Shotmaker

6/17/2014  ‘He Was Born for This’

5/22/2014  Down and Up

4/10/2014  Suffering Friend

3/25/2014  Glory Day

2/13/2014  God’s Harmony

1/16/2014  Impossibility

12/18/2013  Every Blade of Grass

11/19/2013  The Bounce Back

10/17/2013  The Lie Angle

9/19/2013  Truly He Tells You