isabelle beisiegel

A Beautiful Embroidery

“We must remember that the most miserable of days is part of, and not the end of the story.” Read more in my new devotional: A Beautiful Embroidery by

‘Carry Them Forever’

There is no safer place than the arms of God in Christ and through his church. Don’t settle for saying “I feel pretty good about my game” when your heart is really crying out for help. “Carry them forever” (Psalm 28:9) means it is proper to speak of our desperate …read more


Unfortunately, there are times when it looks as if divine goodness has been hidden from life and soul, nowhere to be found in looking about. Our comfort is not that it doesn’t get dark, for we all walk valley pathways. Our comfort instead lies in this: eclipses never mean the sun …read more

Jesus, Our God

It’s a sad fact that many of us have been mistreated by persons in authority, or been abused by those who ought to have protected us. For us, “do as I say” just doesn’t sound holy at all… But it all changes when the words said are words of life. …read more