‘Carry Them Forever’

There is no safer place than the arms of God in Christ and through his church. Don’t settle for saying “I feel pretty good about my game” when your heart is really crying out for help. “Carry them forever” (Psalm 28:9) means it is proper to speak of our desperate …read more


Unfortunately, there are times when it looks as if divine goodness has been hidden from life and soul, nowhere to be found in looking about. Our comfort is not that it doesn’t get dark, for we all walk valley pathways. Our comfort instead lies in this: eclipses never mean the sun …read more

Jesus, Our God

It’s a sad fact that many of us have been mistreated by persons in authority, or been abused by those who ought to have protected us. For us, “do as I say” just doesn’t sound holy at all… But it all changes when the words said are words of life. …read more

Jesus, Our Brother

Christ is utterly unique, yet He is, and forever will be, our Brother. We are no longer alone, no longer misunderstood, no longer in a broken family…  Read more in my new devotional: Jesus, Our Brother by

Wagging Tail

When I am afraid to get up and start the day, my dog helps me know I have a smiling friend and wagging tail to greet me. Since Jesus died for me, it’s not too far fetched to think He’s probably excited to greet me too. Zephaniah 3:17 Read More …read more

Lean on Me

One day, as I was folding laundry, my dog sat near me and leaned on me. “Aw, it’s so sweet when you lean on me,” I said. I’m sure God likes it too when we lean on Him. Proverbs 3:5 Read More Gospel Kibble by

Jesus, Our Freedom

“The freer the gospel, the more sanctifying is the gospel” wrote Thomas Chalmers. Why might this be so? Because a freed person naturally loves her Savior and worships him.  Read more in my new devotional: Jesus, Our Freedom by

Jesus, Our Honor

Where shall we go when we lose our honor? “To Christ and his people. If you happen to lose the honors or your honor, remember that there is one who lost everything that you might gain him. You do not need your honor in order to be loved by him.” …read more

Lion Awaking

When the Lord shines His light in our darkness, a strange awakening happens and a comforting perspective of the darkness behind, within and before us is uncovered… at least that’s what I find personally and wrote about in this poem: Lion Awaking by

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